The Process of Getting Metal Braces and What to Expect

Planning on getting Metal braces in Sacramento soon or at least contemplating it? This orthodontic treatment will definitely be a pivotal moment in your life so it’s important that you’re aware of what it actually is. In this article, we’ll explain what goes down in the process of getting metal braces so that you know what to expect.

The Different Reasons for Getting Metal Braces

There are many kinds of reasons why someone would opt to get metal braces. There are a number of dental concerns that metal braces can treat. Here are the most common reasons for getting metal braces.

Bite issues

Whether it’s an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or an open bite, having bite issues can significantly affect the way you speak and eat. Metal braces can fix that by straightening the teeth’s alignment. The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of your case.


This is one of the most known reasons why someone would want to undergo orthodontic treatment. If you feel that there’s not enough space inside your mouth for all your teeth, then you’re most likely experiencing a crowding issue that makes your teeth overlap. Treating overcrowding issues can significantly affect the appearance of one’s smile, guaranteeing an increase in self-confidence.

Furthermore, correcting crowded teeth can prevent cavities because dental plaque would typically hide in hard-to-reach areas. The moment the alignment of your teeth gets fixed, the plaque will be much easier to get rid of.


Do you have irregularly-spaced teeth that create visibly wide gaps when you smile? This can be due to the fact that your teeth are proportionally small compared to the rest of your mouth. Or, you could have missing teeth.

It may seem like a minor cosmetic issue when one wants to close the wide gaps in their smile. However, it also helps to protect one’s overall oral health. If you have teeth that are widely spaced apart, it can be easy for food particles to get stuck in between your teeth and accumulate on your gums. This causes cavities, bad breath, and other dental concerns that mustn’t be neglected.

The Entire Process of Getting Metal Braces

There’s a whole system that’s followed when it comes to getting metal braces. Here’s a general guideline on how it goes.


When scheduling an appointment for orthodontic treatment, you have to undergo consultation. Our California orthodontist will meet you and discuss the different treatment plans being offered. 

Most patients are only familiar with traditional metal braces and Invisalign in Roseville, but there are a lot more treatment options available. The orthodontist will guide you and assess your teeth’s current situation as well as which dental concerns are present so that they may recommend the orthodontic treatment that best suits you.


On your next visit, the braces will be installed and adhered to the surface of your teeth. Expect to stay longer this time compared to your last visit because the entire placement process will take a while.

The first thing the orthodontist will do is general cleaning of your teeth to ensure that no bacteria gets stuck in between the brackets. The next step is attaching the metal brackets to each tooth with the help of strong bonding glue. After that, a wire is threaded through the brackets. And finally, rubber bands are added to secure the wire. 

For most patients, their favorite part of the process is getting to pick the color of their bands, making the treatment process more personalized.

It is common and normal to feel discomfort right after installing the braces. You may experience relative pain for the first few days, which means you need to be more conscious of what you eat. Try to eat soft foods such as yogurt, smoothies, and ice cream. Avoid hard, crunchy, and sticky food that can destroy your braces.

If you get over-the-counter pain medicine, it can help alleviate discomfort. Additionally, orthodontic wax prevents irritation and scratching.

Adjustments and maintenance

When your next time appointment comes around, you’ve definitely gotten used to your braces. You will have to visit the clinic regularly or monthly to get your braces inspected and adjusted. Even if you don’t notice the results yet, your teeth are already realigning.

Your wires are adjusted, and the bands are replaced. Unlike the prior visit, where it probably took half or the whole day, the appointment takes at most 30 minutes. This makes it the best time to address your concerns or ask questions if you have any.

At this time, practicing proper dental hygiene is also very important. Even though you’re already familiar with brushing and flossing at least two times a day, you may need to brush your teeth more just to make sure there aren’t any food particles that get stuck in your braces. Trapped food leads to bacteria and can cause decay in the long run if neglected.


About one to three years later, or depending on how old you are and the severity of your case, your braces will be removed, and the brackets will be gently removed by breaking the bonding and removing the adhesive from your teeth. This part is everyone’s favorite because of how satisfying it is. You’ll be given a mirror so that you can check out your new smile and compare it to your old smile prior to the treatment.


The most crucial part of the process of getting metal braces is after they’re removed. Your teeth are fit for a retainer that’s required to be worn regularly. This makes sure that your teeth don’t move back to their initial alignment and that your new smile stays in place.

Getting Metal Braces in California

If you’ve been contemplating getting braces, Holt Orthodontics has your back! You can book a free consultation, and our orthodontists will be happy to guide you every step of the way. We have four locations, Roseville, Sacramento, Folsom, and Rocklin. Pick the location that’s closest to you, and we’ll be waiting for you there. We want to make sure that your braces journey is a fun and comfortable experience.