HOT TOPIC: #1 Private Practice Invisalign Provider

We are thrilled to announce Holt Orthodontics is now the #1 private practice Invisalign provider in ALL of California and #10 in the nation!

We are excited to be ranked at #1 private orthodontic practice in the state of California for Invisalign Teen® and the total number of Invisalign Cases. We strive to provide only the best services, equipment, and care to our patients. This achievement takes time, expertise, and consistency to achieve and maintain.

Why Choose Holt Orthodontics As Your Invisalign Provider?

Expertise and experience in completing Invisalign cases

Here at Holt Orthodontics, our team of orthodontists have completed over 7,000 Invisalign cases. That makes us rank prestigiously as the #1 Private Practice Invisalign provider treating the most patients in California and #10 in the entire country.

While any Invisalign provider can administer and create customized Invisalign solutions, experience plays a huge role. It takes years of practice to successfully develop personalized treatment plans for more than 7,000 patients. Our orthodontics team uses state-of-the-art technology, including digital intraoral scanners, to take 3D models and bites of patients’ teeth. Using the models, our orthodontists can create an accurate and detailed digital replica of your smile. This ensures a perfect fit for your aligners.

With their expertise and cutting-edge technology, our doctors can accurately and quickly diagnose your orthodontic conditions. And create a customized treatment plan and orthodontic appliances based on your individual needs. Using advanced technology and the latest products and materials, we are able to streamline the Invisalign treatment process as much as possible. That makes treatment times up to 2x’s faster, so you can get your desired results sooner.

People love us, we serve the most people

People looking to undergo any kind of orthodontic treatment always seek the most experienced orthodontist. And a provider’s ratings play a crucial role when deciding the best professional to handle each case. At Holt Orthodontics, we make it our goal to provide every patient we serve with a long-lasting, beautiful, and healthy smile.

We take pride in instilling confidence in our patients. Our excellent ratings and the fact that we serve the most people clearly indicate how much we care about providing top-quality dental care for our patients. We focus on giving our patients a positive and enjoyable experience from the moment they walk into our office.

From ensuring you are seen on time, to providing the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment, we are with you every step of the way. We ensure that no detail goes unchecked no matter how minor. Our doctors ensure utmost satisfaction with your treatment and settle for nothing less than the perfection you deserve.

The Best – being treated by the top doctors and team in the state

With over 60 years of combined experience in the field, our team consists of California’s best and most experienced orthodontists. All of our doctors completed their education and orthodontic residency in some of the nation’s top orthodontic programs. We also ensure all our treatment coordinators, technicians, and assistants have completed rigorous training and certifications. This ensures we provide nothing but the best services for our patients.

Invisalign recognizes our team as Top 1% Invisalign providers in North America. This is mainly based on our passion for orthodontics and commitment to continuing professional development. Being top rated also shows our extensive experience in Invisalign treatment, having successfully treated thousands of individual Invisalign cases. So, you can rest assured you’re being treated by the top doctors and team in all of California.

If you’re considering Invisalign treatment, choosing a top-rated provider can help ensure you’re treated by the best orthodontist. The best thing is that the rankings are awarded by Invisalign, so providers have to earn higher rankings. And Holt Orthodontics has certainly done so, having successfully completed thousands of Invisalign cases and consistently providing quality Invisalign treatment for teens.

Choose the #1 Private Practice Invisalign Provider in ALL of California and #10 in the Nation

While it isn’t a necessity, choosing the #1 Private Practice Invisalign Provider in ALL of California and #10 in the nation is a great way to ensure you get quality treatment. Having completed the most Invisalign cases, you can rest assured your orthodontist is well experienced. You can also expect your Invisalign treatment to go smoothly, giving you that beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

As the #1 Private Ortho practice in California, we guarantee nothing less than perfection when it comes to Invisalign treatment. Visit any of our orthodontic offices in SacramentoFolsomRoseville, and Rocklin, and let the best orthodontists transform your smile. Contact Holt Orthodontics to schedule your free consultation and get started on your new smile.