Electric vs Manual Toothbrush

Everyone has their personal favorite. Here at Holt Orthodontics, we did a head-to-head comparison. In the raging battle of Electric vs Manual Toothbrush, we’ll tell you how they stack up. Although, the answer doesn’t really matter as much as using a toothbrush.

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Ah, the Trusty Manual Toothbrush

It was your friend when you were little. You probably chewed on the bristles a bit because the texture felt funny in your mouth. Although the concept of the manual toothbrush hasn’t changed much, the design and functionality have improved. For a vast majority of dentists, manual toothbrushes are a mainstay.

They are very effective in removing plaque, preventing gingivitis, keeping teeth clean, and breath smelling minty-fresh. By using a manual toothbrush at least twice daily, most dental problems will never become problems. One of the downfalls of manual toothbrushes is that some people (especially kids) may brush too vigorously. Hard brushing can cause tissue damage along the gums. People also tend to limit brushing time, which may not clean teeth thoroughly.

On the price scale, manual toothbrushes will always win. They are available anywhere that dental products are sold, including the dollar stores. Prices range from $1 to $5, although some may cost a bit more. Most motels will have a supply of them to offer forgetful guests who left theirs at home. Many people keep a few spares in the linen closet for guests if needed.

Electric vs Manual Toothbrush — The Results

In the final results, battery or electric toothbrushes are more effective. They work great for people wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances. Price and accessibility give points to manual toothbrushes, but it isn’t enough to overcome the advantages of electric brushes.

The ultimate, deciding factor is which one you are more likely to use. A toothbrush that is sitting dry on the counter loses. At Holt Orthodontics, we declare the winner to be the toothbrush that you are most comfortable using!

What Do Battery or Electric Toothbrushes Offer?

While once only for the well-to-do, battery or electric toothbrushes are becoming more mainstream and affordable. Battery-operated brushes can be found in retail stores ranging from $5 to $15. Electric brushes are more costly but readily accessible. Either type is acceptable as long as they carry the American Dental Association (ADA) approval.

Electric toothbrushes offer many advantages. They clean very well and can reduce plaque up to 21 percent with proper use. They can help reduce the occurrence of gingivitis by as much as 11 percent. The buzzing feeling while brushing is fun and engaging for children, who may brush longer. Timers reduce uncertainty by making sure people brush long enough. Lastly, they are very helpful for patients with developmental difficulties or reduced mobility.

While some of the cheaper battery models are disposable, the pricier electric models have replaceable heads. In some instances, patients may have difficulty finding replacement heads.

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Remember — using your toothbrush is more important than whether it is manual or electric.

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