Introducing Our New Doctor — Dr. Miriam Behpour

Holt Orthodontics proudly presents our new doctor — Dr. Miriam Behpour, D.M.D, MBA. Don’t let the name confuse you. It is pronounced “Bay-pour,” but she says “Dr. B” is fine too! Dr. Behpour will be alternating between our four locations as a full-time orthodontist on our team.

Our New Doctor — Dr. Miriam Behpour, D.M.D, MBA

Dr. Behpour was born in Germany as part of a matched set. She and her twin remained there until college. This unique childhood and her post-college travels have given her experience in several languages, including German, English, French, and a little Japanese. We are excited to have her as a part of our team!


After studying Dentistry at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Behpour attended the Roseman University of Health Services where she obtained her MBA and Orthodontic Certification. Her residency gave her experience with different bracket systems (braces) and orthodontic techniques. She also applied her knowledge to work with both fixed and removable orthodontic appliances.

Military Service

We are proud to tout the news that Dr. Behpour is also a U.S. Navy veteran! She stayed busy serving at dental clinics around the world, including shipboard duty on the USS Enterprise. With a total of eight years working in general dentistry, she advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4). With her Navy experience at shore stations, overseas bases, and at sea, she provided dental services to thousands of our nation’s finest sailors and Marines.

Hobbies and Activities

When she isn’t at work, Dr. B. applies herself to crafty pursuits that include painting, jewelry making, and ceramics. She also shares her love of art by teaching workshops to family and friends. Once she settles into her home in Roseville, she plans to add hiking and biking around the area to visit museums and explore the region.

We’re Excited About Our New Doctor!

What this means for you, as a patient, is a very knowledgeable addition to our staff. Dr. Behpour is ready to hit the ground running. She has a wealth of experience in the field of orthodontics and is prepared to offer excellent service to all current and new patients at Holt Orthodontics.

As we mentioned, she will be moving between all of our locations as a full-time doctor on our staff. This will increase our ability to serve current patients and to add available appointment slots for new patients.

Call Us to Schedule Your Next Appointment

If you’re ready to come in to meet Dr. Behpour, set up your next appointment today. New patients can click “Book a Free Consult” at the top of the page to get started. If you aren’t ready for an in-person appointment, you can use the Smile Snap app on our website for a Virtual Consultation. Current patients can contact the office where they have scheduled previous appointments. As always, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for fun stuff, updates, and information.