Here’s How Invisalign Works in Moving Teeth into Position

Having crooked teeth or incorrect bite can affect your self-esteem and oral health in ways you may not know of. The best way approved by the American Dental Association is Invisalign in California which helps patients of all ages achieve a beautiful, healthy smile without the need for metal wires and brackets. It’s a great thing to know how Invisalign works as a treatment for tooth misalignment.

Step-by-Step Process of How Invisalign Works in Straightening Your Teeth

#1 – Your orthodontist will check to see if Invisalign is right for you.

The first thing your orthodontist will do is check if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. In order to do this, they will need to take x-rays, pictures, and dental impressions of your teeth to see if Invisalign works. They will also need to evaluate your teeth, bite, and jaw structure. Based on all this information, they will be able to determine if Invisalign is the best treatment for you and if you are a candidate for Invisalign.

Generally, Invisalign is recommended for the following cases:Crowded Teeth – When there are too many teeth in a small space
Gapped Teeth – When there are spaces between the teeth
Overbite (Mild/Moderate) – When the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth
Underbite (Mild/Moderate) – When the lower teeth bite over the upper teeth
Crossbite (Mild/Moderate) – When the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth or vice versa
Open Bite (Mild/Moderate) – When some of the teeth do not touch when the teeth are biting together

#2 – Your orthodontist will create a treatment plant and will be able to show you the results digitally.

After Invisalign has been determined to be the best treatment for you, your orthodontist will create a digital 3D treatment plan. This treatment plan will show the movements of your teeth throughout the entire Invisalign treatment. In other words, you will be able to see what your teeth will look like at the end of Invisalign treatment before you even start!

Your orthodontist will then use this digital treatment plan to create your Invisalign aligners. Each Invisalign aligner is specifically made for your teeth and will move them little by little into the desired position. In total, you will receive a series of Invisalign aligners that you will need to wear throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Your doctor will tell you how many aligners you need to wear, how long your treatment will take, and how often you need to come in for check-ups. You will typically need to wear each Invisalign aligner for about two weeks before you move on to the next one in the series.

#3 – You will receive your aligners and will need to wear them for 22 hours a day, so Invisalign works as planned.

After your Invisalign aligners have been made, you will receive them and be able to start your Invisalign treatment. In order to see results, you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours a day.

You can take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth. However, other than that, you will need to keep them in. It is also important that you wear your Invisalign aligners as prescribed by your orthodontist. If you do not, your Invisalign treatment will take longer, and you may not see the results you desire.

#4 – You will need to come in for Invisalign check-ups.

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you will need to come in for Invisalign check-ups. These Invisalign check-ups are important because they allow your orthodontist to see how your treatment is progressing and if you are on track.

At these Invisalign check-ups, your orthodontist will also give you your next set of Invisalign aligners. In total, you will need to come in for Invisalign check-ups about every six weeks.

#5 – You will have a beautiful, new smile!

After you have completed your Invisalign treatment, you will finally have the beautiful, new smile that you have always wanted! Invisalign is a great way to achieve the smile of your dreams without having to deal with the discomfort and inconvenience of traditional braces.

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